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About Us

Natasha Gagrin - Owner and CEO of Dream in BlingDream in Bling began with a dream. I dreamed of a beautiful bracelet, and the next day I was determined to make my dream a reality. As a single mom experiencing financial difficulties with four children to support, starting a business was a huge risk to take, financially and emotionally. The saying goes, “You have to spend money to make money,” so with the little money I had saved, and a lot of faith and passion, I created my first bracelet, just as I had seen it in my dream. From there, I branched out and made a few different designs and began selling them. My jewelry designs began selling, and though it was a small start, I was overjoyed. That was the birth of Dream in Bling.

My journey is a great example of how believing in yourself can give you the strength you need to accomplish your dreams. Being open to new opportunities, having faith and courage, and following your dreams is the pathway to success and happiness. I am here today as the owner of Dream in Bling as proof of that. As a result of what I have learned and gained, I do what I can to give back and put smile on people’s faces with my products. My courage and leap of faith is continually making my children’s lives worth living, as well as supporting a successful business. This business, created from my heart and soul, has transformed me into who I am today.

My mission and the mission of Dream in Bling is not only to provide quality products, but to put a smile on your face or the face of someone you care about.

Dream in Bling is happy to help organizations raise money for causes by giving a percentage of profits for a day. If you would like discuss a fundraising opportunity, please email Natasha at natasha@dreaminbling.com or call 818.321.3977.

For wholesale inquiries, please email Natasha at natasha@dreaminbling.com or call 818.321.3977.